Exim-Indis Inc is a joint venture formed in 2004.

Our two parent companies, Exim Corporation (headquartered in India) and Indis NV (headquartered in Belgium) both with over 30 years of experience in the chemical sourcing and services industries actively work with our personnel and clients to leverage their expertise to help provide the most cost effective solutions for our customers chemical project needs.

Exim-Indis Inc. is also affiliated with the INDIS group- A global network of 22 chemical distribution companies in 22 different countries, who work together to foster trade between each other while sharing common principles and objectives.

INDIS comprises successful entrepreneurs in the area of pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, food ingredients and other specialties.

Being a part of this prestigious group provides access to a large reservoir of market information from various parts of the world.

To our customers this translates into enhanced reliability and quicker response to specific sourcing demands.

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