Global Chemical Sourcing

Exim-Indis offers a broad list of API’s, pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials and intermediates from research, to commercial quantities. We take particular pride in being able to source hard to find chemicals.

Along each step of the way, we provide extensive technical assistance to our clients. Our experienced teams understand your technical requirements and have proven capability to offer solutions. From discovery to commercialization, we strive to identify options that allow you to rely on a cost effective and consistent quality source of supply at every scale of your project.

We choose to work with reliable and experienced manufacturers and development partners. Where required, we institute an extensive and detailed evaluation process to qualify sources of supply. We work in a transparent way with our partners/clients and routinely conduct audits to assure that all aspects of the supply process are addressed.

Our parent companies and network of international and domestic partners, enable us to efficiently source high quality materials from anywhere in the world while complying with all applicable packaging, transportation and regulatory requirements.

With our network of warehouses worldwide we are able to help you manage your supply chain by providing easy access to your required materials.

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